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Re: EDP foot switcher


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Gesendet: Montag, 1. November 1999 21:28
Betreff: EDP foot switcher

Hi kim,
A few months ago i mentioned to you that the record button from the EDP would sometimes act funny.You told me that it was normal that i just have to trigger it right which i believed because it would only do it at times.But now is getting worst and worst.It sometimes retrigger it self quickly when i depress it and lately its been switching loops overtaking the function of the next loop button.The other buttons seem to be working properly and when i tried triggering the record button several times on the unit manually it acted perfectly normal, so the problem is not on the unit itself.Do you have any suggestions as to what i can do?And another question, what does this mean:

"If you want to record a sample, we recommend starting the loop with RECORD and ending it with BREAK"
What does break mean?