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Re: AW: Help!!! have I got a problem with Vortex?

You know... there are parameter combos which produce some fairly weird
shuddering and amplitude stuff which could be mistaken for a fault in
the unit... 8-) The rotary encoders are the major culprits with Vortex
malfunctions... Lexicon will sell them for around 8-9 dollars each. I
installed one in a Vortex behaving weirdly, but it later turned out to
be some bad solder joints, they replaced the ROM as well... Good

Best Regards,
Miko Biffle, mbiffle@svg.com
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>>> Michael Peters <mpeters@csi.com> 11/04 12:54 PM >>>
> first it was stuttering a bit (like a dodgy cable) and
> then its display was flashing constantly, 
> like it was meant to for some parameter
> change or something 

the Vortex doesn't appear to be very stable. If you're lucky, it'll
work ok even if it behaves funny sometimes. 

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