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Re: alternative to Lex Vortex

Unfortunately, Korg has discontinued the AM8000R and DL8000R... They
can still be found at various retail outlets though... good luck. I've
got an AM8000R on layaway... they blew them out for $300 at
Synthony... maybe there's still another one there. You can find a few
DL8000R's at Musician's Friend for, I believe around $340 or $350...
Get 'em while you can!

Best Regards,
Miko Biffle, mbiffle@svg.com
"Running scared from all the usual distractions..."

>>> John Tidwell <wedgehed@yahoo.com> 11/05 3:26 AM >>>
Although I've never heard one, I understand that the
recently discontinued Korg AM-8000 is capable of the
sort of loop mangling wackyness that many people
prize in the Vortex. The Korg is probably even easier
to find...