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Re: vortex/jamman schematics and service manuals

At 12:46 AM -0800 11/18/99, mark wrote:
>Do you have your Vortex schematic posted anywhere Kim, I might wanna take 
>peek myself, but without a map I...er...?
>might not !!

once upon a time, Lexicon sent me the service manuals and schematics for
both jamman and vortex to put on the LD site. Very kind of them.
Unfortunately, they are only available as hardcopy, so they need to be
scanned and made web-friendly, a job I don't have time for. Three people
volunteered at that time to do this job, I said, "great, you're all hired.
figure out how you want to divide up the work, cause it's pretty big, send
me the resulting files when you are done." One of these guys worked a mile
away from me, so I dropped off all the materials at his office on my way to
work the next day. Told him to get in touch with the other two and sort it

He has since vanished off the list and the planet as far as I can tell,
never to be heard from again, taking the service manuals with him. Email
address bounces. They didn't even find any film buried in a silicon valley
toxic waste pit or anything. One of the other volunteers occasionally wants
to know why the job isn't done yet!?! (it was partly his job ya think he
would know....)

Isn't this fun? Fortunately I have been a musician long enough to
anticipate the inherent flakeyness of musical types, so I made copies
before giving the stuff away.

So if there is anybody out there interested in doing this (prefereably in
the bay area), with a scanner that you know how to use, a significant
amount of spare time, and a desire to see Lexicon history on the web, let
me know. If you are prone to flaking out on stuff you volunteer for, please

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