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Re: Stop! was:Re: im tryin to stay with ya(time)

Just for this, you are no longer invited to the
"New Year's Eve Millennium Loop-Fest & Glenlivet
Tasting". Too bad, as we will be giving away brand new
Trace Elliot Echoplexii to all who attend. I hope
your luck's better in the year 3000! 

John :)


--- Mark Sottilaro <mark@cdm.sfai.edu> wrote:
> Hey,
> I know I'm the one that said we shouldn't try to
> limit our topics too
> much, but it's getting kind of ridiculous, with the
> millennium crap and
> blah, blah, blah.  Don't you guys need time to
> practice?  It's getting
> somewhat tiresome having to delete all these posts,
> if I want witty
> banter and small talk, I'll go down to the local
> pub. (of course you're
> all invited) but could we keep the posts at least a
> bit music related?
> It's like my grandfather used to say, "Just because
> you think it,
> doesn't mean you have to say it."  (actually, my
> grandfather never said
> anything at all like that, he's pretty dim, but it
> sound better if you
> think it's coming from some wise old man)
> --
> Mark Sottilaro
> Multimedia Specialist
> mark@cdm.sfai.edu
> (415) 771-7020 ext. 4411
> Center For Digital Media
> San Francisco Art Institute
> 800 Chestnut St.
> San Francisco, CA
> 94133

John Tidwell

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