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Re: One EDP for two players


    Not sure if someone has already given you this answer, but here it 
... try this out, try using a set of A/B switches for the audio inputs to 
Echoplex, this might give you a little more control over what is going on 
with the unit and also would allow for you to do a few samples of the 
person's playing while they are able to concentrate a bit more on their 
playing, and then you'd be able to designate the beginning and end of that 
specific loop or help him/her out with generating multiple loops.

    Another way of doing this would be to use a smaller PA Board and mix 
the echoplex the same way as using the A/B switches method.  It would end 
taking a little more time between setting up loops and then playing 
them/activating them, but it would still be quite do-able.  The added 
would be to use a few other effects in line with this smaller PA board in 
order to make the transitions a bit more continuous sounding.  Played with 
gent that did this with his Boomerang, prior to my getting one, and it had 
some really interesting results.  Either way, you'll want to use a volume 
pedal right after either the PA board or the A/B switch in order to blend 
the sounds.

    Hope this helps out.