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Kyma questions

1. can the Kyma be rackmounted ?
2. can any Kyma users compare the useability and stability of Kyma to
Opcode Max or the new jMax
(http://www.ircam.fr/equipes/temps-reel/jmax/) ?



Jim Coker wrote:
> Yes, after several years of looping w/ Kyma, I've decided to
> sell my system.  The primary reason is that changes in my job
> are requring lots of travel. The Capybara is just a bit too
> heavy to drag along on every trip, so I've moved my looping
> efforts to Supercollider running on a powerbook (a non-trivial,
> and some what limiting task).
> I think Kyma is an ideal looper's box. Consider this:
> - Just over 9 minutes of sample time in the base unit;
> max single-delay time 3 min: there's 24MB of RAM for 24-bit
> samples for each of 3 DSP's (the 4th is used for housekeeping).
> (expandable to 24 chips, or 69 minutes of total looping)
> - Four channels of 24-bit Analog or AES/EBU/SPDIF (selectable)
> in and out, at rates up to 96Khz (ok, that reduces both
> delay time and processing).
> (expandable to 8 channels)
> - Direct recording to disk.
> - SMPTE sync (and others)
> - Zillions of processing algorithms for munging loops.
> Want long stereo loops? Quad loops? Extra processing?
> FX in the feedback path? Backward loops? Variable speed
> loop playback?  All that can be done, and relatively
> easily --especially since I'll provide the buyer with
> a copy of my looping sounds (and other Kyma sounds).
> Oh, it's also pretty good at some non-looping tasks :)
> The listing is at ebay:
> http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=208656576
> Also, if the buyer signs the software liscence agreement,
> they get the same level of support offered to new buyers:
> Top-notch phone and email support, upgrades, etc. Highly
> recommended-- it's like buying a new system w/ a hefty
> chunk off the entry fee. Also note that the system I'm
> selling offers both PCI inteface cards (for desktops)
> and the PC-card for laptops.  Since Kyma does all its work
> in hardware, it consumes very little computer power. One
> could get Kyma + a decent laptop for the price of a 4000
> series Eventide, or a top-level sampler, and neither is
> as flexible (other than not requiring a computer).
> Feel free to email me directly w/ questions.
> Jim