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Re: 16 second delay problem

<< >I've always wanted to know:  what are "bucket brigade" components???
pre-digital sampling.

these chips contain a whole load of capacitors (typically 512 or 1024
they take a sample by storing a voltage on a capacitor.
then at each clock cycle the 'sample' is passed along  to the next 
along. at the end of the chain the signal is recreated. 

a kind of analogue sampling which was used for audio delays.
by accepting a low bandwidth and with multiple chips you could have
an echo unit.
or more commonly a flanger (EH etc) 

being non-digital these devices are actually quite easy to modify
for bizarre sounds, although the sound quality is a bit basic.

just like when 'brigades' of folks try to put out a fire by passing along 
of water. 

...well ...someone did ask

Andy Butler
Lexicon Vortex Database