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RE: digital errors?

Mmm, He's right you know, as far as I know you should ALWAYS copy audio
CD's at single speed, the spoddy reason for this is that CD audio is
unsynchronised data. Data cd's on the other hand have checksums which
the drive uses to tell whether it read the data correctly or not, so
with data it keeps reading that part of the disk until it gets it right,
and then it writes it to the target, but with audio it'll just read it,
& then write whatever it thought it just read introducing errors,
especially if you multiply the speed up.

Here's a suggestion……Why don't you make a digital image, ie a datafile,
of your CD with one of these CD creation programs & keep that as your
master, then you can burn 1st Gen copies from here to eternity…..

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      Subject: digital errors?
      after copying some of my improv stuff(looping)to cds ive noticed
      peculiar stuff
      i only own copies of copies of my originals(the originals were on
      my HD but i  
      erased them after i burned them)and the original copies i gave
      away to friends
      now i know in analog recording you hvae generation loss, and it
      can be  
      but ive noticed alot of digital errors now in the recordings,
      little clicks  
      or skips, some are really noticable
      whats going on here?is it a problem of imperfect media(cdr's)or is
      lost everytime?!
      a friend of mine told me once(i hardly listen to him)programs like
      WinDAC not  
      being the best for copying digital audio
      that they go to fast(hence digital erros)??
      and on another list somebody was talking about how his cd masters
      do not  
      sound like the cd copies(in timbre)
      can that be possible if all thats being transfered is 1s and 0s?