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Re: Digital Performer POLAR

>NO! not a single tiny possibility? through MIDI or so?? hard...
>I just looked for news on MOTU pages and could not find anything...

Well, we certainly couldn't find a way, either with or without MIDI.  
Frankly, I
was surprised by this lack of capability.  But it's similar to the 
reaction I
get from some music store people when I  describe tap tempo - "Why would 
want to do that?"  Clueless!!

>is it a plug in or part of the main program?

part of the main program

>Does your friend use a hardware interface to the Mac and Digital
>Performer....I have coupls of digital echoplexes and a boomerang for
>live.....haven't been able to get into the POLAR yet.......but sounds fun.
>Being interested to know what kind if any hardware interface he uses.

I asked my friend if he used a hardware interface or not.  His answer, 
are several hardware interfaces you can use, but you can also use Apple's 
Manager."  Not too specific.

Hope this helps.

Dennis Leas