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Line6 DL-4

Hi Loopers!

I have been using Digitech PDS delays for many years, and JamMans for the
last few.  I just purchased a Line6 DL-4 last night (and got yelled at by
my wife for not coming to bed at a reasonable hour).  I just wanted to
encourage you to DEFINITELY check this pedal out.  I am amazed that this
much stuff is packed into this pedal.  The best features for me were an
800ms delay FEEDING the looper!  This delay and the analog model both
respond to 'oversaturating', so you can get sound that goes and goes and
morphs FOREVER!

Also, the looper is advertised as a 14 second looper.  However, it has a
half speed function, so once you close the loop, you can double the length.
 What happens if you start in half speed?  HA HA... 28 second looper!

Seriously, this is a very cool unit!