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Line 6 DL-4

well, I just downloaded the manuals for this and I'm very very impressed.

<http://line6.com/pdf/DelayModelerDetails.pdf> tells you so much more
than the site.

really nice features:

   true stereo (honest!)
   has reverse, half-speed and one-shot modes
   you can morph between two settings using an expression pedal!!
"Dial up a sound you like. Now press the
  expression pedal forward to the fully toe-down position, and set one or
  more of your knobs to another setting. Rock back and forth on your
  expression pedal, and you'll hear your sound blend between the two sound
  settings you just made."

and all the classic devices, the SpaceEcho of my misspent youth...

and seemingly a nice user-interface.  I want one.