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Re: unsub

Hi All,

Charles Tyrer seems to be a sad and bitter person, with a lack of understanding of how to get off this list. Following Kim's suggestion that we don't eat up bandwidth by replying to the list regarding someone like Charles, I decided to mail directly to Charles with the following message. I will post this to the list only to encourage that you all do the same, if that is proper etiquette (oh, screw etiquette). Mail him yourself and flood his mailbox with complaints. He's been badgering us, so can we return the favor?

Charles' address is:

Charles Tyrer <charlestyrer@totalise.co.uk>


What is your problem? You have obviously been given instructions on how to properly unsubscribe from the Looper's Delight list. And yet you continue to send mail to the regular list and berate us.

This is your problem, dude, not ours. No one here has trapped you into anything you can't get out of. Someone (either you or someone who has access to your computer) signed up for this list somehow...now get off of it on your own power, ok? All of the subscribers actually WANT to be here. No one wants an unhappy, bitter person like yourself to participate.

If this is some sort of hobby of yours, to send us inflammatory mails, then just grow up. We happen to be a large collective of both professional and amateur musicians/dj's/producers/engineers, etc. that find some sort of fascination with the tools and philosophy of Looping. If you think that's stupid and sad, so be it. But i'm sure there's something you enjoy and hold precious that we could stomp all over for our entertainment value. But we don't because that's your perogative to be into anything you like. Golden Rule kindof thing here...Get It?

Goodbye and best of luck in the future,

Rich Atkinson