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Re: Re:Unsubscribe!/ EDP Undo function

Thanks- if only MIDI was good in Win2k- it is soooo much better than Win98
in most every other way- especially memory management- too bad MOTU wont do
Win2k- that's too bad- could have used it for audio only things and dsp/dx
I am drawn to Gadget as they have GREAT support- I don't even own one and
they respond to questions quickly- that is worth a lot to me but the 824 is
pretty basic compared to the MOTU system-
Happy trails with your EDP-


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Date: Friday, September 01, 2000 11:19 AM
Subject: Re: Re:Unsubscribe!/ EDP Undo function

>Hey man, this is just a quick answer to your question.  I've got the MOTU
system and am really digging it.  Was originally going to play with the
Gadget Labs beastie but I kept hearing about issues in production similiar
to Crystal Labs Sound Cards, so I went with the MOTU system instead.
Aparently the one majour difference betwixt the MOTU and everyone else is
that the MOTU uses an outboard box to route the info from your PC to the
ADAT rather than having to reconfigure the wiring when you're wanting to go
from the computer to the ADAT banks.
>Outside of being stuck using Win98 or 95 for MOTU, and having quite a bit
more flexibility with the Event and Gadget Labs cards are other things to
consider, too...  ;)
>Still learning the EDP, myself, and boy does it get finicky over what is a
long press vs. a quick press...  More practice...
>L8r on,