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RE: Klein-clogging 1

i really enjoy the TransTrem; it does indeed 'work', for me!; predictable, 
consistent pitchbending being the focus of my TransTrem useage.
for the last few years, the materials that the bridges were made from *do* 
tend to suck a bit of tone, yeah, but:
not *that* much.
the Klein TransTrem guitars are still my mainstays, after more than 10 

From: Martin Shellard [mailto:martins@pwdu.demon.co.uk]
Sent: Friday, September 01, 2000 4:28 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Klein-clogging 1

Thanks Kevin
This is exactly what I want to know, interesting point about the Transtrem,
I kind of planned on getting one but if they don't work and cut tone ....
Martin Shellard

>From: KB305@aol.com


> OK, this was my response
> <<
> I got mine in Oct 1997.
> Swamp ash, chambered, standard trem, Joe Barden pickups.
> The TransTrem I liked less: it has less sustain, doesn't work that great
> IMJ, and the tone is a little poorer for it.
> Get the chambered body, it's full of many different tones.
> I will never need another solid-body guitar.
> This one goes on every gig.
> It DOES change the way I play, like the promo says.
> Lorenzo German is a beautiful cat as well.
> Mine is right now in his hands: needs some fret dressing.  (I've played
> this 3-6 days per week for 3 years now.)  All normal work is free.
> I'd buy another one, but why?  This is the best axe I've ever played.  I
> can't understand why you don't see more of them around, except that
> won't give them away to potential endorsers.  Torn, Frisell, Henry 
> they all had to pay for theirs.
> It's worth every penny.
> When I shipped mine to Klein this week I over-insured it, and I'd much
> rather have the guitar back than a check for $4K from FedEx should they
> Call Lorenzo German at Klein.  You won't regret it for a second.
> Does that help?
> Kevin
> (see mine at http://members.aol.com/redroadtheband
> or members.aol.com/kb305/kb305  and go the  page labeled 'g'   >>