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RE: Video capture/Flash

I have heard the Matrox for about $1300 is great. The person telling me has
won video awards and has had at least 4 video cards in 5 years.  I don't
know the model name. He uses Adobe Premiere 5.1 RT also.

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Subject: OT: Video capture/Flash

Anyone here have reccomendationsof good video capture cards for the pc? I
would love to begin working with video and audio together but am a newbie 
the video end of the game- Also- price is somewhat of an issue- I won't be
getting a $500 capture card if you know what I mean- but quality is
extremely important.

Regarding signal chains- I am curious about the possibility of making a
Flash program/page that would provide objects and a stage to create your 
signal path and store it or submit it as a form to a web based collection-
the conversation on sub-loops and my recent signal chain mods pikes my
interest in other's setups- I need to learn more about action scripting in
Flash etc but if any Flash guru here knows if this idea is possible let me


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Subject: Re: dream box

>My dream box would be a looper for video -- something as simple as a
>jamman would be a great start.
>Alas, there are a lot more audio loopers out there than video.
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