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RE: Am I nuts ?

--- Jordan Pease <jordanpease@webtv.net> wrote:
> One thing that really bugs me is that sometimes if I erase a loop and
> start again several times in a row, I loose sync with the drum
> machine.
I believe I can explain what is happening here.  I noticed a similar
effect using brothersync and midi, and studied when and why sync was
lost.  I think that the loss of sync occurs when you erase a loop that
was synced to your drum machine.  Before yor re-record the loop, you
need to wait for the sync pulse light to show on your EDP display.  If
you wait to see that pulse, your next recorded loop will sync properly.
 I assume you are running your drum machine the whole time, so that the
sync pulses are incoming always.
> One of the features that the Jamman lacks that I was excited to have
> on
> the Echoplex was the UNDO function.  I find that it doesn't work as I
> would expect it to...

Undo seems simple on the surface, but much deeper and variable once you
dig into its nature.  Both Kim and Mathias have written details on the
behavior on undo, long press vs. short, and when in the cycle that you
press undo.  Also, remember the effect that the loop length and
remaining memory have on undo (undo only goes as deep as the leftover
memory). Check the archives for more details, or ask specific questions
about undo.
Keep exploring the edp, it's worth the effort.


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