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>Forgive my adding to this off topic post, but i've been having the same
>problem...some of the emails from LD, clients, and also some from friends
>comes up just blank in the body.  Poor me, i can't respond with my razor
>wit to posts i cant read! (dammit...where's my flame protection suit?  i
>had it here somewhere...)
>Does anybody know which settings to either turn on or turn off on Outlook
>Express?  I've told my buddy to turn off HTML text, but his mails are 
>turning up blank.  As for my clients sending me email, i can't exactly 
>them "Dump it and get Eudora", however valid that may be.
>I'm running Eudora 4.0 on Mac.  Is there a setting i can switch?  or do i
>need to jump to Eudora 5.0?

I remember 4.0 had some trouble, while 4.2 is perfect!
Selection is under Special - Settings - Styled Text.

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