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Newbie Questions

I want to start incorporating loops in my bands live performances. The only experience I've had with loops was doing a sideman guitar stint with
an artist who used loops on a couple of tunes. I really enjoyed the overall feel that these loops added to the music. So as I get ready to dive into looping, I'm a little overwhelmed with the possibilities.
I am planning on using Acid Pro 2.0 to create the loops, are there any other software packages that anyone would recommend over Acid?
The big question I have is how to actually incorporate the loops into the live performances. Presently our keyboard player doesn't have any sampling devices in his rig. We have been doing a couple of tunes where we use his Ensonic Fizmo's arpeggiator to do some "loop-type" performances. This has been good practice in playing with a set time source. The only problem is I would like a little more variety with the loops.
Here is how I want to use the loops on stage. Once the loops are created, I plan on burning them down to CD and using a CD player live and feed that through the monitors for the "click track"  Am I on the right track with this plan?  If so, does anyone know of any CD players that come with a footswitch for starting and stopping?
Thanks for any advice on this subject