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Re: Deltalab style infinite repeat?

>>On or around 10:40 AM 9/14/00 -0700, James Musser said:
>>>I'm looking for units that allow you to begin a feedback loop... get a 
>>>groove going... then hit the "infinite button" like on the old 
>>>and it just continues to play back whatever was in the loop at that 
>>Almost any of the 80s rackmount digitals will do just that, from the
>>Digitech RDS series to the Boss DE-200 to some of the Ibanez units I've
>>taken a gander at.

At 11:06 AM -0700 9/14/00, kamlapati.khalsa@philips.com wrote:
>Of course, you can do this with an EDP and a feedback pedal :
>Hit record and stop to set the loop lenth, then overdub with the feedback
>set to less than infinite. When
>you like the groove, you increase the feedback to infinite...done.
>Brother K

The echoplex actually has a Delay mode that lets it operate like the old
delays. Your delay line input is always open, so new material is always
going in. The Feedback can be set anywhere you like, so it can decay away
as you wish. Then, when you have something you like, you press "Hold" to
keep it going. (the overdub button becomes the "hold" button in delay
mode...)   Just as with the old delays, when in "hold" the feedback becomes
100% and the input to the delay is closed to new material.

This way you can effectively grab what's in the delay line and make it a
loop. It is subtly different from operating in the standard "loop" mode
with overdub and feedback control. A lot of people who used the old delays
appreciate this feature a lot and always have the echoplex set to "delay"

The JamMan also has a delay mode, although it is not so easy to control the
feedback setting. It seems a lot of people use that setting on the JamMan

This is pretty much how looping was done through the 80's. Devices like the
echoplex and jamman came from that mold, so it was natural to maintain that
traditional feature.


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