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RE: My Offer To Our Group

Hey Michael and group,

We now have a Forum on our website so we could hold forum discussions and a
live Electrix one at a certain time and date. Go the Electrix site
http://www.electrixpro.com click on "views" then "forum" and you're there.
This could also relieve some of the Repeater "babble" from the rest of the

I like the phone call as well so if you get the interest I'll se what I can

Best Regards,

Damon Langlois
Creative Director
Electrix / IVL 
"No Creative Barriers"
Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100

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>From: Michael Clark [mailto:mcl451@airmail.net]
>Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2000 6:24 PM
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>Subject: My Offer To Our Group


>Yes numerous questions about the Repeater.

>Everyone has been very kind in answering my looping/equipment questions -
>here's a way I can return the favor.

>Here's my offer:  I have a bridge line that accommodates 30 people at one
>time, i.e. 30 people can be on the call at once.  It's like a large
>conference call.  No charge other than whatever you pay for LD.  It's a 
>area code.  You call in at a pre-determined time and join 29 other people.

>I will set up a call with Damon as the representative of the Repeater (if
>he wants to - haven't contacted him) and as many as 28 list members who
>have questions about the product.  I'll moderate the discussion.  The
>discussion/questions will last 1 hour.

>Let me know.  This offer is exclusive to the loopers on this group.