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RE: Re: Repeater Group Buy

> i think daimon has been so helpful in presentation of his 
> product-the echoplex seems like an unreal dream to me-no pics 
> ever posted-no specs-nada-and now the secrets

Ooops.  I must be on the wrong list.  I thought this was a 
Looping list...not a marketing and product experts tribunal.
Now I know where to come when I need advice on my company's
marketing and product strategies.

I will not attack or defend any of the products being
scrutinized...but I would like to ask that the signal-to-noise
ratio improve a bit around here.

I appreciate all of the discussion of the features and specs
and wishlists pertaining to all of the products 
mentioned: past, current, and future.
But can we let the companies and their respective employees 
run their businesses the way they see fit?

     Mike McGary