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Re: GOODLOOP and the Third Ear

From: "Matthias Grob" <matthias@grob.org>

> Jim suggests:
> >we could just inject some dna into an earthlike planet,
> >wait for intelligent life to develop, and then have them
> >play the loops for us...
> great... would your DNA be good enough?

i am new enough to the current great loop experiment
that i have not yet tried the multiply function :)

> and also:
> >ah yes, the elusive looper content.
> >is life bracketed by repeat signs?
> >
> >|: me :|
> I liked this one. It certainly does not just repeat. Overdub is on.
> Undo does not work quite right, they say...

add undo to the GOODLOOP device and you have time travel...
this power must only be used for good!
of course, we are usually travelling through time (mostly forward)