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Andrew Pask wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Just went down to AES here in LaLa land for a bit of a look-see.
> I could only be there for about half an hour today 'cos I had some other
> stuff to take care of.
> Spoke to the guy at Yamaha about mLan.
> He said the "8p?"(can't remember the designation) would go into 
> in Japan in October, 12 channels of audio (didn't check SR/bit rate, 
> 32 channels of MIDI, looks like it's PowerMacs only (!!!!!!!), he 
> full compatability with PCMCIA firewire cards for those of you with
> Wallstreets and Lombards, ASIO drivers, mixing software, he had it 
> with Cubase and the ASIO driver.$1495 list maybe, they'll be coming over
> from Japan by sea!

That must be the mLan8P -- stereo analog in/out, stereo S/PDIF
in/out (optical and coax), 1 MIDI in, 2 MIDI out, 12 channel internal
mixer w/ FX, approx 1/2 rack unit in size, but w/ controls on top.  If
they expect to sell this for anywhere near $1000, they must be on drugs --
hell, you can get an O1V for about $1500 street price.  $495 list
is more like it, otherwise they've got the most expensive 4 channel
computer interface ever, and will only sell to deparate powerbook
users.  I'd rather spring for a Magma Chassis for my 2408 than
drop that kinda dough for that thing. *sigh*, perhaps some other
enterprising young company will get the clue.  Either that or Yamaha
may kill the mLan before it even get's a chance.  They also screwed
up by not offering mini-YGDAI mLan cards for the O1V, AW4416, etc.
Typical Yamaha: They get so many things right, and then screw up
on some petty item that makes everything else worthless.