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re: the use of Loop.pooL

Dear David  (and in the last 15 minutes.........Matthew),
    My name is Rick Walker.   I am a solo looping/abstract electronica
artist who has been performing for the last five years using the moniker
Loop.pooL in Northern California.
    My friend Miko B told me about the letter you wrote to this site
regarding the moniker Loop.pooL and  about the fact that you have called
studios Looppool since 1993.  First I want apologize because I have
never known this and in no way, intentionally, stole the name from
you.   It was sheer ignorance on my part.
    Secondly, because you are not using this name as a band name or an
album project, it doesn't seem that there is a huge conflict here.    I
am a regional artist with my first CD out.  I have sold all of 120
copies of it (because I am burning them myself and distributing
themselves whilst supporting myself as a touring/recording drummer/
percussionist/producer).   I am very, very small time compared to your
illustrious career.  The style of my music precludes me from ever
getting very big (although I have the feeling that you might appreciate
it yourself).
    In 1989, I started a band called Worlds Collide which was a world
fusion band.
A year after we released our first CD we became aware that a punk band
in Southern California had started to use the same name (also,
unbeknownst to them that there was a 'conflict').   We figured that if
we were in the face of losing millions of dollars and competing with the
band for MTV airtime that we might have to resolve the issue, but we let
it ride and there never was a conflict.
    In !982 I had a very theatrical new wave band called Tao Chemical.
We found out after the fact that Gordon Mumma (the noted
electronic/avante garde composer) had been using that name (again,
unbeknowsnt to us) as his publishing company moniker.
We asked him to come down and see us, which he did and afterwords he
gave us his blessing to go ahead and use the name.
    I would like to ask you the same thing.   I would like to send you
my C.D., have you hear it and ask you for the blessing to use the name
as a band name only!
It is not in my spritual being to be exploitive, of that you can be
sure.   I also have
several hundred fans in this region (the Santa Cruz/Monterey bay area)
many of whom, I'm sure are familiar with your work.  Not one of them has
ever noticed that there was a duplication of this name in the last five
years.   I just don't think there is a conflict.  I know that my use of
this moniker will never deprive you of a single penny of income.   I
hope you see it that way, too.
    I look forward to hearing from you, and , again, my sincerest
apologies for causing you any consternation.
    Yours, in the ever elusive search for the muse,   Rick Walker