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Re: EDP Question - How Do I?

Michael Clark wrote:

> Hi!
> I have an Oberheim Echoplex (that has never given me a problem - TG).
> I want to record a loop and then loop over that loop, thus adding 
> etc.  But, I only want the first loop to play.  I don't want to record on
> top of it via Loop Copy, Multiply, Overdub or some other means.  So, 
>loop 1
> is the foundational piece while other loops are created (elsewhere) as 
> 1 plays by itself, unaffected by the other loops.
> Can I do this with one EDP?
> Thanks,
> Michael

interesting. intuitively my guess is that you would need two 'plexi (or
sum'other flavor of looper; your "elsewhere") to be able to maintain a loop
that is unnaffected by new material that loops. you of course can just play
over the existing loop w/out recording, but you want loops to happen, not 
live events, correct?

anyone able to do this w/ one machine?

lance g.

ps k.o.w. my edp is trouble-free as well (is that asking for it or what!)