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new release promo

my dear loopoids

please excuse the flagrant self-aggrandizement... 
but if i don't do it who will?
i would like to take a moment to flog my new record.
 it's so stuffed with loops and loops of 
loops that it's almost impossible to tell when the disc 
actually stops spinning. here goes:


anti:clockwise   REWATCHING

the first full-length anti:clockwise CD lays the 
groundwork for a whole new style - uglient.
recorded straight to minidisc in one 74 minute
tirade, REWATCHING offers 3 tracks ranging in
length from long to wow, that's REALLY long! they are:

the guitar mash-down

masculinity at its finest

"That's all we have time for today."

the official organs of state at parallelism hype the release in this way:

Solo recordings from Robert Dennis of New York City, a man whose
performances as a member of Tono-Bungay, Eyeball 9000 and 
Fire In The Kitchen have caused much murmuring and analysis.
Murmur no more, restless persons, Robert's one-man whirlwind of chaos,
kaos and sound aka anti:clockwise, is now available on easily infringeable
compact disc. 'rewatching' fornicates with genres we haven't even learned
to spell yet. Puts the "ut" in "debut", though putting the "ut" in
connecticut would probably help more people.

available from your preferred music vendor as of

10. 9.00   (UK)
10.10.00  (USA)

po box 20132
london uk  W10 6ZA

more information about anti:clockwise
can be unearthed at 


....end of transmission.....