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Re: EDP controller?

At 6:45 PM -0700 10/8/00, Pratt Winkle wrote:
> I use a Ground Control made by Digital Music
>Corporation. Can it access the various control
>functions of the Echoplex?

no, the Ground Control is a fairly limited pedal and only sends program
change messages and a limited continuous controller implementation. it is
really only designed to switch patches on rack multieffects, and is not
enough to control the echoplex. Many other pedals have a much more complete
midi implementation, like lake-butler midigator, rocktron allaccess,
digitech pmc-10, roland fc-200, yamaha mfc-10, Phil Rees MM5, etc.

there is a whole footpedal tutorial on the echoplex section of looper's
delight that explains all the details:


also, check the echoplex FAQ, a huge number of questions are answered 



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