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Re: Noises through pickups

I have a couple of mag pick-ups that I play around with.  I've used lengths
of 2" thin-wall conduit (6 ft or so) held like marimba bars.  LOW tones!!
Also howitzer shells work pretty well.  I bought some cheap stainless steel
ones.  The pick-ups also work on most of my cymbals, gongs,  and singing
bowls, interestingly enough.

And don't forget to loop your loopers!  Take a radio (AM works really 
put it next to your EDP or whatever, and tweak the tuning until you hear
things.  Loop the audio from the radio.  Distortion boxes can help here.

Dennis Leas
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> On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Scott Martin wrote:
> > I've heard in divers places about adding sonic
> > material to loops by playing various things through
> > the pickups of a guitar - vibrators, cordless drills,
> > etc.  My particular interest is in using cassette
> > players; I know that Torn sensei does some of this,
> > and I think others on the list have mentioned it.
> > Anyone care to share experiences, techniques, caveats
> > in this area?
> I have an old comment archived from Stickwire on this, from Stew 
> ----words below are by Stew----
> Hey all you string-instrument players/loopists.  I don't know if anyone
> else is a CAD-jockey, but I stumbled on an interesting effect last night
> by accident while setting up a digitizing tablet and trying to get in
> some Stick practice.  The "puck" on a digitizer has wire windings around
> the bullseye, which connect back to the circuitry to locate the puck on
> the tablet.  Anyway, by accident I lifted the puck from the tablet and
> it got close to my pickups/strings and generated some very interesting
> sounds, sort of a sitar/spring reverb kind of thing, amplitude varied
> by proximity to strings and pickup.  I would guess this is similar to
> the concept the ebow uses?  I didn't have time to explore it fully,
> but if any of you have a digitizer laying around, check it out, it's
> sort of neat!
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> Not having a graphics tablet around, I've never tried this yet. :)
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