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New Interview & The Infamous Guitar-Loop Paradigm

Hello list,

I've been debating over whether or not it was appropriate to make a post
about this to Looper's Delight, but after seeing the LONG threads on
pickup noise and performance setups, I actually think it's a very valid
issue.  So bear with me for a second.

First off: An interview I recently did has now gone live at None For You
Dear (http://www.noneforyoudear.com), a music-oriented web site that
features interviews and reviews (as well as some non-musical content as
well).  The "cover story" right now is actually an interview with Reeves
Gabrels conducted by Mike Keneally, and Reeves goes into much detail
talking about the origin of his penchant for textural sounds (much
interesting content for you pickup noise-mongers out there).

There's a spot in my own interview where I actually make mention of this
very mailing list, and on the impact it had in shaping some of my
attitudes about looping, and more specifically the whole "ambient e-bow
guitar looping" paradigm in general.

Now here's the rub: upon re-reading my comments, I started wondering if
perhaps I hadn't adequately expressed my viewpoints in the interview as
being specific to four years ago (which is when this list started up),
and if my attitude towards looping was in danger of being a bit out of
touch.  Then again, after seeing all the guitar-centric talk on the list
over the last couple of days, I can't help but think it's still very
much a valid issue.

I certainly don't intend to cast aspersions on anyone here, guitarist or
otherwise.  My main purpose in posting this is to see if people think
that "looping" as a technique/practiced art form/what-have-you has
actually changed significantly within the last four years, particularly
in terms of the whole "guitar loop" thing.  What do you think?

I'd really be interested in hearing any opinions.  For those so
inclined, the looping comments in my own interview at None For You Dear
are towards the middle of transcript, in between talk about the state of
independent music and playing Rock & Roll in post-communist Russia.

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