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Re: New Interview & The Infamous Guitar-Loop Paradigm

>I certainly don't intend to cast aspersions on anyone here, guitarist or
>otherwise.  My main purpose in posting this is to see if people think
>that "looping" as a technique/practiced art form/what-have-you has
>actually changed significantly within the last four years, particularly
>in terms of the whole "guitar loop" thing.  What do you think?

Cool article, Andre...

I think what you said to the interviewer could IMO be taken as a mild 
stab at the ambient/loop/drone crowd.  Like, "Andre sees a subgenre 
or cliche and decides to NOT do that...".  Does that make sense?

For me, though, that's just an integral part of what i do, so i don't 
really take any offense.  It's part of the uniqueness of 'my song' or 
'my voice', even though there are others out there doing it.  You're 
kind of in the same boat, by being a big fan of Satriani and Vai. 
There were and are tons of people who like and emulate those guys (me 
definitely NOT being one of them).  How do you decide to dinstinguish 
yourself from the crowd?  By deliberately altering your style to not 
sound like them, or just playing 'your song' and not worrying about 

Even though there are similarities through the body of my work, i 
think that my looping has come a long way from my first hands-on 
experience with it in '87 (two ghetto blasters, a couple of mic's, a 
digitech pds8000, a friend, a couple tabs of LSD, and a very long 
evening), especially in the last four years.  I think i've moved away 
from being satisfied to listening to thick layers of noise and being 
jovial at the alienating quality of it, and desire to really draw the 
audience in and create some sort of positive experience or even 
'sacred space', if you will (the pretentious meter just 
clipped...dammit).  The fact that i continue to use washy drones and 
ambient textures to accomplish that is just my thing i guess.

Steve Vai is still wanking away in my book.  But that's just his 
thing, i guess.

i don't think i got enough sleep last night.