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G.M.Koenig/Loop Source


In G.M.Koenigs Book:"Aesthetische Praxis-Band/Volume 3" on page 140
is an article wich is titled:"Eine Erfahrung,die mir unvergesslich 
bleiben wird"(An unforgettable experience).

There he refers about his first electronic work,done with Tapeloops.
In 1955,when he was at the Electronic Studio of Cologne,the 
Studiotechnican Heinz Schuetz,had developed a method,to record on one
Tapeloop an increasing amount of Soundshifts.(A kind of maual/analog
additive Synthesis).Well,this is pure looping.
Mr.Koenig also mentions,that this was the first electronic composition
he realized.So Mr.Koenigs first ars-electronica was done by looping.

He wrote this article in 1971,it was published in :Elliot Schwarttz,