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Re: Yamaha AW4416 vs. Roland VS-1880: Recommendations?

I'm in the same boat, looking at all the pretty 16tracks out there...

I was veering towards the Akai until i saw the Yamaha.  I know the 
01V is somewhat of an industry standard, and i think the 4416's mixer 
section is based off the 01V.  My big wish is for scrubbing.  I've 
gotten accustomed to cutting and pasting on my current unit (Fostex 
DMT8vl) by 'listening' and setting my locators.  i'm still getting 
used to this waveform editing thing.  I may be wrong, but i don't 
think the 1880 does 'scrubbing'.  I have heard that the 4416 does, 
and that the Akai does as well.

I got to see the 4416 last week for the first time, rather than just 
seeing pictures, and it's a really nice looking machine.  Heftier 
price tag, sure, but it looks like a good working interface.  It's on 
my wish list for next year...

God, by that time they'll probably have portable 48 tracks with built 
in DVD burners....

I catch myself wondering...If you walked into a music store 15 years 
ago and said, "Hi, i would like a 16track recorder with 4 stereo 
effects processors, midi synching, mastering ability, virtual tracks, 
backup ability, scrubbing, mic pre's, phantom power, and direct cd 
burning...oh, and i want to save and recall my routing, eq, and fx 
setups...and i don't want to spend more than $3,000..."

you would hear the laughing all the way back to your car.


>Hi all,
>I'm currently wrestling with whether to buy a Yamaha AW4416 or Roland
>VS-1880. I was just wondering if any of you out there had either of these
>recorders and what your recommendations might be. What do you especially
>like or dislike about these boxes?
>Thanks in advance,