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Re: Automated Patch Bays - Question

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From: "Alex Stahl" <alex@pixar.com>
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> I have several Akai MB-76 "Mix Bays" which were a truly useful part
> of my old analog looping rack. . . .

Say, Alex, don't you use a Yamaha 03D mixer these days?

I'm still spec'ing out a new system and I'm leaning toward a Yamaha 01V
(non-quad panning but quite a bit cheaper than the 03D).  I'm thinking that
I probably don't need an automated (i.e., MIDI controllable) patch bay and
use instead the MIDI controllable sends/receives on the 01V.  So I could
save on buying a Switchblade et al.

As an owner/user of both M.O.s, what's your thoughts on this?

Dennis Leas