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Re: Portland Oregon

>> If you want to see my gear...
>> http://www.prettybigmusic.com
>I'm not in the Portland area but thanks for the pix anyway!  I can't
>distinguish all of the boxes in the rack, though.  Can you describe them?

Nothing too exciting, but from top to bottom:
  MOTU Midi Express XT, coordinating it all
  Digitech Studio Quad 4, four channel multi-effects unit (with excellent
MIDI control)
  Yamaha MAP8x4, an old audio router, so I can send anything into the Quad 
  Kawai XC-3 and Midiman GMan, two low-end sound sources
  Rackmounted Paia CV-MIDI converter, this is where the electric eyes go
(and future contraptions)
  Yamaha TX81z, FM synth for the WX5 MIDI wind controller, and great bass
  and a Kawai 8-channel mixer. I can also run two other signals (mics,
guitar, etc) into the mix.

Sorry I don't have pictures of the eyes, they're just small circuit boards
I built from kits. http://kitsrus.com/kits.html#k130

>So...bass, keyboard, bari sax, tenor sax, trumpet, shakuhachi, xaphoon (is
>that a MIDI wind controller next to it?), guitars, drumkit, bongoes, and
>vacuum cleaner.  Cool set-up!  What do you use when you play out?  Also, 
>that a pre-CBS vacuum cleaner?


For playing out right now, I'm keeping the setup small: the Art X-15 board,
the PK-5 bass pedalboard, the WX5 Wind Controller, a mic and a laptop.
Unfortunately, most of the noise has been confined to my living room.

I'm quite excited about the electric eyes. Now to come up with other gizmos
to generate control voltages... I've created a cool 2x2 grid in a room with
two sets of electric eyes, so when I stand in one corner of the room, one
ostinato part is heard in the background, in another corner, another
pattern, another corner turns on echo, etc. Of course, that's just the tip
of the iceberg.

Anyway, thanks very much for asking about all this stuff. It's nice to get
to jabber on about it.

I hope anybody else out there who's doing predominantly MIDI-based looping
will throw in their two cents' worth about gear and software. (Especially
if they're in Portland.)