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DL4 question

I remember a while back someone posted something about there being 
operating versions in the hardware of the DL4 (help me out, I'm struggling 
this early in the morning :-).  There was an early version that had some 
kind of bug in it that was resolved in a later version of the unit.  I 
searched the archives but couldn't come up with any more information on 
this, but I know I had done the test previously and found that I do have 
of the older models.  If anyone knows what I'm talking about here (a 
challenge in itself I know) could they send me the info on what the fix is 
so I can contact Line 6 about it.  I checked with them a while back and 
told it wasn't really a problem but I'm not so sure at this point (strange 
bugs in the unit make me question their statements).


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