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Joni touring.....Yes...due to VG 8

OK... i'll un-cloak... probably only to incur more wrath by defending
someone else's right to use, enjoy and be inspired by some random gear....

Disclaimer : i don't own a VG8 - probably won't unless one wanders by for
$200 used... 

>From: "Dennis Leas" <dennis@mdbs.com>
>Thanks for the rant!
>I know what you mean.  I used to receive the Roland propaganda magazine 
>they send for free (free?  I mean "whose cost is added to their 

Let's be fair...You can get that free mag - as wel as the PEAVEY  one, the
KORG one, etc.. in most music stores ... with out EVER buying a PICK !!!! 

>A few years back, I read with true disgust an article that touted the
>importance of some new thing (a guitar controller or something) 

it was the roland VG 8. Idiots like vernon reid, pat metheny and
metallica's kirk hmmet use 'em. AS you know - they all sound exactly alike.

>claimed "saved Joni Mitchell."  According to the article, she was ready to
>chuck it all, give up on music [GASP!!], etc. but she was SAVED BY 
>And I could be saved too!  All it took was buying a new doo-dad from 
>Alleluia!!!  Just crucify me on my credit card!!!!
>Ever since, the Roland magazine goes directly from the mailbox to the 

hmm, yes... you don't wanna be saddled with.... information that's 

and 'to the trash' ???
-- Bummer... i'd humbly recommend RECYCLING (actually a form of LOOPING...
with wood pulp as the input!!!)

>I don't mind finding out about good products.  If they said, "We have a 
>product we think you might like.  It does X.  It does Y.  It's useful for 
>"  But instead they say, "Your life will be meaningless without our new
>product.  Only we have the way to true enlightment.  

i know you're kidding here.. but .. i actually LAUGH when i read the stuff
in ther - yes - 'cos of how self-important it is. 

But man, ya gotta row a filter for that kinda stuff... at the end of the
article... i come away at least with a bit of knowledge about how the
device works, what they tried to do.. any version improvements etc....

Whew. It's just amazing the inconsequential stuff we get riled about....

ARen't there companies making any products that are more useless than Roand
to pick on?? I think they've made some excellent gear...and soo much stuff
has held up so well for a long time. It's road ready shit.

So what - they have a self-aggrandizing piece of crap ad-mag . Bottom line
is -- you can get some specs, and an idea of what is available. period.
don't stress, man....

>>>In particular, the tone of the article was, "The world would have been
deprived of Joni
>Mitchell's further work if she hadn't bought one of these."  So it's hard
for me to take their ads >>>seriously.

Actually....they made it clear that she was NOT INTERESTED IN EVER TOURING
AGAIN due to th fact that her poor tech, when she DID play a few sparse
shows in the 90s... had to maintain 20-24 guitars!!!!!!

SO- she opted to just make records. HAving tried a VG 8 out (reluctantly)
>But maybe I'm exaggerating.  :D
>Dennis Leas
>Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 12:18:59 EST
>From: Texture444@aol.com
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>Subject: Re: OT rant from hell (was: AirFX)
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>>dt, this is genius, it's bound to call a halt to this madness
>not at all *my* intention!
>Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 09:31:15 -0800
>From: improv@peak.org (Dave Trenkel)
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Re: OT rant from hell (was: AirFX)
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>>In a message dated 10/31/2000 6:43:50 AM Central Standard Time, torn
>>> or, maybe music educators will learn to stay closer apace w/'culture
>>> curves',
>>> & begin teaching turntablism (! & looping !) in schools.....
>>for this to happen, music education graduates would have to learn it... 
>>colleges would have to teach it... and people who have learned it would 
>>to be willing to actually BE teachers.
>Given my experience in music education, the only way this wil happen in
>music academia is for the artists top turn white, die, and stay that way
>for a century or two.
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