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OT: While we're talkin' Sound Cards

Title: OT: While we're talkin' Sound Cards
Looks like a steal if you're using Windows & you need that kind of power - plus it looks like it might be supported by the manufacturer (unlike the core card...:< ) Plus you get the IO off the card, tho not completely out of the computer which would be nicer.

I'd want to know exactly which "Major Sequencers" support it, & how.

> Subject: OT: While we're talkin' Sound Cards
> I came across this offer from Zzounds:
> http://www.zzounds.com/love.music?p=p.YAMDS2416AX44&a=em032701
> It sounds like a great deal, but I haven't heard anything about this card.
> Is anyone on the list familiar with it and can offer a quick review?
> -skully

Graeme White