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RE: My set-up (was: 'Rang? EDP? 01V?)

No, Win2000 capitalizes on the dual-processor.  The Hammerfall is just lean
and fast.  I haven't done any diagnostics as to how much extra performance
the second CPU is giving me.  It was kind of a sweet deal when I bought the
PC, so I didn't really worry too much about redundancy/innefficiency of


                    Mulvihill"             To:     
                    <kmulvihill@med        cc:                             
                    iaone.net>             Subject:     RE: My set-up 
(was: 'Rang? EDP? 01V?) 
                    04/09/01 03:57                                         
                    Please respond                                         

Well, my general response is "WOW!" That's some studio you're assembling.

One other question at this time:

> We're in the process of building our new studio space, so we haven't got
> everything in its permanant place.  What I can tell you is that the
> Hammerfall works beutifully under Win2000 (needed to capitalize
> on the dual processors)...

In what way does the Hammerfall capitalize on the dual processors in your