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so cal gig announcement, er, spam, er . . .

Title: so cal gig announcement, er, spam, er . . .


a so cal semi-looping fest . . .

Thursday, 4/12
Front BC -
Brian Christopherson (drums)
Jeremy Keller (guitars)
Edgardo Ramirez (bass)
Rich Yusim (keyboard)

The Splinter Group -
GE Stinson (guitars, loopage)
Stuart Liebig (basses, loopage)
Kaouru (voice, toys/percussion,loopage)
DJ Chowderhead (turntables, beats)

The Nels Cline Singers -
Nels Cline (guitar, loopage)
Devon Hoff (bass)
Scott Amendola (drums)

** this is nels' new trio. looking forward to hearing them do their thang.

Mr. T's Bowl
5621 1/2 Figueroa
LA, 90042
9 PM, $5