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Re: Concertloop


I'm very interested in your application. I have yet to find a software
looper that actually works the way I think it should. I was able to make
Logic Audio work as a great looper though, in sync with midi and 
but I'd rather have a simple dedicated app do the same thing. Please let us
know when you'll have a demo that we can try out or beta test.


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From: "Ivan Zavada" <ivan.zavada@videotron.ca>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2001 6:22 PM
Subject: Concertloop

> Hello everyone,
>     I just did a presentation at the SAT  Société des Arts
> French) in Montréal.  The reason why I am sending you this e-mail is that
> for my presentation I used only looping, nothing else. And you know what?
> worked. My piece was very well appreciated. It was part of an
> electroacoustic concert of all the University students of Montreal. It
> lasted a week ( 4 Universities over 100 performances). Tonight was the
> real-time performance event.
> All kinds of stuff. I used a computer to regenerate sound that I recorded
> the violin on stage, then I manipulated loops in real-time. The reaction
> excellent. I programmed an application myself with 4 simultaneous looping
> algorithms. In fact I ended the performance too soon... people enjoyed it
> and said it was too short, I should of let myself go!
>     All this to say, I don't know who I am writing to and I don't know if
> this interests you but my application runs on MacIntosh and loops four
> samples of approx. 10 sec. in any shape or form in real-time. Should I
> improve this application for wider use or does something like it exists
> I am wasting my time... I would like to get some feedback! What do 
> need to loop efficiently. I would then work on my application and make it
> available.
> Thanks for your cooperation.
> Ivan Zavada
> Composer and programm developer.
> Masters student at Université de Montréal.