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Re: Ted's reviews...


In a message dated 1/2/02 2:53:38 PM, Hedewa7@aol.com writes:

>..... when the reviewer both 'gets it' *&* 'doesn't get it', but couldn't
>be bothered to write about it, even though he/she got the disc for free 
>after which, he/she goes down to the local used cd-shop & *trades* it for
>something else..... as if it was his/her property, to begin with.
>(for more info on that last subject, please visit any underpaid dj at most
>radio-stations in in america).

More than once already I've encountered a reference to my CD in 
a list of items for sale at ebay. Go figure. I hadn't sold very many of
'em so far at the time (I still haven't) So I have to imagine it was 
one of the promos. Ha!

So it goes....