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Re: Ideology in looping?

DT > 'free improv' is whatya make it, no? in my world, it's never truly
free..... unless the players have damaged &/or short-circuited memories.

Granted... Memory sometime sucks! *-) Although I'm fighting on the side of

> otoh: in my experience, it doesn't approach being 'free' until it allows
for the 'free' inclusive use of *any* of the so-called 'restrictive'
elements, eg riddim/melody/harmony/idiom. dt / splattercell

There's the rub... Damned if ya do; Damned if ya don't! It's a strange
claustrophobic sorta feeling when the formal "FREE IMPROV" is used. I'm
beginning to think avoiding it is the real trick... at least here in the SF
Bay area.