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RE: Behringer/Repeater questions

> 2: My friend brought his Behringer controller over- and the Rptr acted 
>as if it was using the old 1.0
> OS as far as some program changes are concerned- worked fine using CC 
>but I re-installed OS 1.1 to
> make sure and same problem- any ideas?
> There seems to be a number of typos in the new manual...

I found a lot of # errors in the PC column, but have been doing fine

I recently got the Behringer FCB1010 controller, and am having a great
time with it.  It's my first experience w/midiboard.  The thing hummed a
bit at first, but I think it was just nervous about my programming
skills...it's much better now!  I'm including how I programmed a couple
banks...much of this info was kindly given me by Alan, which helped •A
LOT• (thanks, Alan)!  If any of you have additional suggestions
(including any trick "two at one time" switches), it would be dug!

bank 00:

01 record (cc86 value=127)
02 undo (cc89 value=127)
03 erase loop (cc108 value=123)
04 play (cc85 value=127)
05 stop (cc87 value=127)
06 track select 1/2 (cc90 value=127)
07 track select 3/4 (cc91 value=127)
08 loop select down (cc97 value=127)
09 loop select up (cc96 value=127)
10 multiply loop (cc102 value=127)
On each preset I have the expression pedals configured as follows:
ExpA track level 1/2 (cc110 values=0-127)
ExpB track level 3/4 (cc111 values=0-127)
Bank 01:                                                                 
01 record (cc86 value=127) 
02 undo (cc89 value=127)
03 play (cc85 value=127)
04 stop (cc87 value=127)
05 fx insert (cc103 value=16 (fx on imput) (R ex ped fx not active? (cc
103 value 0-1))
06 track select 1 (cc80 value=127)
07 track select 2 (cc81 value=127)
08 track select3 (cc82 value=127)
09 track select4  (cc83 value=127)
10 reverse loop (cc84 value=127) (R ex ped cc 84 value 0-1)

Bank 02:
01 Feedback (cc11 (R ex ped cc 84 value 0-127)
> Until Electrix implements a midi pedal initiated fade function, 
> or visual cues as to where the "feedback" level is when controlled via 
> I'm perfectly happy with the 3 button footswitch and hands on tweakage.  

That would be nice.  Still, with the expression pedal, one can get
fairly close to desired % feedback with practice (and sensitive
Looper'sock)  It would be also great to Erase select tracks, and not
just the whole loop (but whole loop erase is better than nothing!).