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Re: AFM members?

KkstrtChby@aol.com writes:

>Are any of you fellow LOOPERS, members of the AFM?
if you do *any* recordings for commercial release, at all, it is 
--- though sometimes a p.i.a. --- to be an afm member & support the union 
whenever feasible.

>If so how do you balance the fact the it's hard enough to get paid to do
>looping performances -Vs- the minimums that you are expected to uphold
>as to 
>not undercut as a member of the AFM?
again: invaluable for recording musicians.
for live gigs, well..... avoid the afm-contracts, when necessary.....

>What do you classify your gigs as to be able to justify to the AFM why
>you are working for peanuts?
see above.

>I don't mind the low pay for looping, I'm doing it out of love ... but
>seems there is a conflict by being both a looper and an AFM member....
..... which seems to me has nothing to do with 'being a looper', 
to do with one's willingness/interest to take on non-paying 

>So if anyone else is in my boat, please share with me what you do, and
>take on this...
that was my (simplistic) zwei pfenig.....
dt / splattercell