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Electrix no show at NAMM, Jamman Upgrades and more

Gosh, I hope it is not a bad sign that Electrix will not be showing at 

That is a big mistake in marketing, if you ask me.   I hope they are doing
o.k. financially!!!   I've been personally responsible for the sale of 5 of
the beasties so far.  What an amazing instrument.

I also just recieved my incredible Lexicon Jammman upgrade chip from Bob
Go to his website, buy one of his CDs and he'll send you the upgrade

It allows for delays after the loop (like the DL-4), the ability to play 
loop via midi like a mellotron and many, many more cool things.

Thanks so much Bob for your contribution to Looping........The music is
really cool, too.

see ya all at NAMM.    I'll be wearing a loopers delight t-shirt on 
with Fuscia pants (that's right,  I said Fuscia pants !!!! ;-) and I have
long dirty blonde hair in a pony tail with large silver hoop earrings in
both ears.  Please come up and say hi if you are from Loopers Delight.


Rick Walker
(aka, Loop.pooL)