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Re: Grungy Digital Delays?

Nice -with guitar! I wonder how they sound? Ebay:Item # 1404629283

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Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 10:13 AM
Subject: Re: Grungy Digital Delays?

> >Also the "Time Machines" have an internal trimpot that you can adjust
> resolution/delay time ratio to the point of aliased madness.  Any
commentary on
> this, Suit?
> some more, yes my friend. this commentary is all from my own perspective
> ears ... i do not actually know what the structure of this device _is_.
> the anti-aliasing filter on the RDS-7.6 is calibrated for a
> second delay. period. when you adjust the delay time using the trimpot,
> filter cutoff stays the same. i went from a 7.6 sec delay to a 35+second
> ... which puts the filter cutoff above the sampling frequency, and FAR
past the
> Nyquihst frequency ... the signal is totally aliasing out of control.
that's why
> i said it was a SHITTY SHITTY SHITTY delay ... it's beautiful.
> i think the RDS-8000 is structured differently, because i get no 
> these delays are great. i'm trying to build a modular synth, and they 
> nice interfacing i think i need to get a few more of them to incorporate
> modular patches. they really are amazing pieces of gear and i regret ever
> selling the first one i got ... thank god he sold it back to me.
> you know the rumour Pat Matheny buys every GR-300 that pops up on Ebay? i
> be like that with RDS units in about 10 years.
> Eric Williamson
> www.suitandtieguy.com