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Re: Grungy Digital Delays?

I had an Ibanez stomp pedal-type of delay a while back that sounded very
good. For grins, and because it wasn't a lot of $$$, I bought a Boss DD-5
Digital Delay just to see how they sound compared to rack-type  (various)

It's actually not too bad and has a decent amount of progammability for 


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> steve d <skullsaw@optonline.net> writes:
> >I've tried the old 12 bit DODs and Digitechs, they had the warmth I like
> >but not the grunge. The Jamman is way to clean for me. The same goes for
> >all 16 bit machines. I've considered getting a DL4 but from what I
> >understand the bit reduction settings don't allow for more then 2.6
> >seconds of delay, I really need more time then that. The Line 6 Pro unit
> >looks good but it's too pricey for me.
> Say what?  The DL4 allows for at least 14 seconds of delay in all modes,
> even just the footpedal!
> Aren't I right?!  Am I mistaken?
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