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Echoplex reborn at NAMM

Title: Echoplex reborn at NAMM
Today I met Mike Battle, the inventor of the original EchoPlex, in Hall D at the NAMM show. He has just renewed his patent and has reissued the original design under the name "TubePlex." The unit is manufactured and distributed by UniTec Products (800) 782-3296 with a list price of about $800.

From the brochure:

"TubePlex" is a mechanical analog echo device utilizing tape reproduction, but Mike has improved his original design. The new "TubePlex" has no belt, no fly wheel, no heavy motor or under carriage, PLUS Noise reduction circuitry and Simul Stereo. "TubePlex" can reproduce the warm, unique echo sound of the 60's.

It sounded great to me! It may be pricey compared to today's multi-effects devices, but for those who want to have the "real thing" this reissue is an event akin to Bob Moog's reissuing of the Minimoog.

It was a kick to meet Mike, too.

Richard Zvonar, PhD      
(818) 788-2202