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Re: I know, I'll start a war!

Not really bored, but honestly curious.  There are times I must admit 
I've got EDP envy.  That coveted ending a loop into overdub, that 
seamless drone ability.  Does the EDP allow you to predefine a loop's 
length in relation to MIDI 8th notes, like the JamMan.  Today, I sure 
was missing that ability.  It's like, I don't really care about the 
fancy schmancy features of the EDP or the Repeater, although they're 
fun.  Sometimes I just want a great sounding stereo looper that's very 
simple to operate.  Is that so wrong?  Maybe the answer is "both."


On Monday, February 6, 2040, at 09:58  PM, Eric Williamson wrote:

>> No offense, but, why?  Are you that bored tonight Mark :-)
>> Kevin
> yeah ... that thought occurred to me after i polluted the LD with that 
> last
> post of mine.
> this one too, come to think of it.
> Eric Williamson
> www.suitandtieguy.com